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Published on: Wednesday 26th April 2017

NCS is a chance for 15 to 17 year olds from Cumbria or North Lancashire to embark on exhilarating challenges and build skills for work and life during an action-packed summer.

NCS, which is managed by Inspira, gives teenagers the opportunity to develop their confidence, leadership and independence while meeting new people and making memories they’ll never forget.

Jodie Mather, 18, who provides Business and Contract Support at Inspira, explains how a summer with NCS North West kick-started her career.

Week 1: Adventure

The first week focuses on five days of outdoor adventure and adrenaline fuelled activities designed to take young people out of their comfort zone, build their confidence and develop teamwork, decision making and leadership skills.

Jodie said: “In the first week, I was really out of my comfort zone because I didn’t know anyone. We did lots of outward bounds activities such as camping and canoeing, and learnt different skills that you wouldn’t learn at school.

“Before, I would never have walked into a room full of people I didn’t know, but with NCS I just had to.

“In my interview for my role at Inspira, I could relate a lot of things to my experience with NCS. Once I got the job, Inspira thought it would be good to make me an NCS ambassador so I can share my experience with others.”

Week 2: Skills

During the second week, young people are reunited with their team mates to develop important life skills and find their independence while living away from home in uni-style accommodation.

Jodie said: “In the second week, we lived at a residents’ hall. We had a budget and had to make it last for the week, which helped is to understand more about planning and budgeting.

“I knew my team a bit better by then, so the second week was about building relationships.”

Weeks 3 + 4: Social Action

The final weeks focuse on a social action project, which will then be delivered over 30 hours to make a real mark on your local community.

As Jodie discovered, the experience gained from this stage of the programme will really help future CVs, UCAS or college applications stand out from the crowd.

She said: “It was great to give back to the community with NCS. We went to a school in Whitehaven and helped them to paint all the walls and the fences, and also volunteered at a care home in the area.

“As an ambassador, I explain to other young people that doing NCS North West looks really good on your CV and can contribute to getting a job. My experience and confidence certainly helped me when I applied for an apprenticeship at Inspira.”


After completing the programme, young people can enjoy the NCS Graduation and Celebration event to look back on everything they’ve achieved on NCS, while also finding out about the exciting opportunities now available to NCS North West graduates.

Jodie said: “Confidence is the biggest thing I took from NCS. My parents noticed a massive different in me when I got back and said I’d matured a lot.

“Being an ambassador and giving assemblies about NCS in schools has also boosted my confidence even further.

“I’d recommend NCS to anyone.”

Did you know?

Over 275,000 young people have already benefited from NCS.

It costs only £50 to give your teenager the chance to develop skills for life and give them a summer they’ll never forget.

For more information or to sign up go to or call us on 0345 658 8647 and ask to speak to your local NCS Coordinator.

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