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Celebrity gardener shares her gardening tips

Celebrity gardener shares her gardening tips

Published on: Wednesday 25th May 2016

Charlie Dimmock has divulged her top gardening tips ahead of her trip to Cumbria.

Charlie will offer her expert advice and top tips to amateur gardeners and visitors when she appears as a celebrity guest for the 24th annual Holker Garden Festival next Saturday (June 4).

Here, she gives a few tips ahead of the festival for Cumbrian gardeners who are making the most of the beautiful May weather.

"For any guests who want to get a bit more involved this Spring and want to start planting more flowers, I would recommend starting with hardy annuals such as poppies, marigolds and corn flowers.”

Photo by Janet Queen

"Another thing I would recommend this season is planting your own vegetables and helping your children to plant too. Children are much more willing to eat vegetables if they have grown them themselves and you don't need much space at all to grow the basic ones.”

"Start with tomatoes because they taste so great, but there are plenty of salad vegetables you can integrate in to your flower borders.

"Kale is hugely trendy at the moment and it's one of the easiest members of the cabbage family to grow. Plus it looks quite pretty nestled in among the flowers because it has quite curly leaves."

The Holker Garden Festival, run by Choose Cumbria partner Holker Group, takes place from Friday, June 3 – Sunday, June 5 at Holker Hall and Gardens.

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