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Lois Lauren Waite And Hayley Forbes

Celebrating women in engineering at Kimberly-Clark

Published on: Thursday 23rd June 2016

To mark National Women in Engineering Day 2016, Choose Cumbria spoke to Lois, Lauren and Hayley about challenging stereotypes, the opportunities for women in engineering in Cumbria and the support they receive from Kimberly-Clark.

Electrical Apprentice Lois Turner, 21, lives in Flookburgh.

Lois is now in the second year of her apprenticeship and is inspired by former apprentices who are now working in senior roles at Kimberly-Clark.

After completing her apprenticeship, Lois plans to go on to be a junior technician and pursue a career as a technician at Barrow Mill.

What advice would you give to women considering a career in engineering?

Lauren: You can go far in engineering and have a great career if you work hard.

Hayley: I’d advise other women to ignore the stereotypes and arrange some work experience if they’re interesting in a career in engineering. Taking on an engineering apprenticeship gives you an education and practical skills so you can get into a permanent position a lot quicker, and there’s no age limit.

Lois: I’d also advise other women not to worry that they’re too old for an apprenticeship, as I began mine at 19 rather than 16. I’d encourage others to keep applying for an apprenticeship if they’re not successful the first time. I’m really glad I chose a career in engineering.

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