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“I love Cumbria and I often wonder why it took me so long to move here.”

Charlotte Hattersley - Charlotte relocated in 2012 and is enjoying a fun and varied career in the county.

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What's happening in Cumbria?

Matt Mellor Createc

Createc wins second Queens Award for enterprise and innovation

Createc has been named as a winner of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for innovation – 12 months after it won its first Queen’s Award for international trade.

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Women in Industry

How are women driving industry in Cumbria?

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Eleanor and Georgina Billson - “I am so grateful for getting the input from really, really good teachers - all of them female really - and Sellafield with their STEM work, which really changed my perception of what engineering was.”

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Facts About Cumbria

4500 Jobs
70 Industries
680 Employers
42 Locations

Business is booming: forge your career in Cumbria

“We have fantastic, forward-thinking employers and businesses in Cumbria."

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“There’s no glass ceilings like you get at big companies - we promote on merit. Cumbria is a great for that. Solomons may be small, but the projects are really big value, big scale, exciting engineering projects, and a great way to accelerate your career.”

John Rossiter - John describes how much opportunities there are for start-ups in Cumbria and how working in the region can accelerate your career.

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