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Living and working in Cumbria is everything you'd expect… and so much more!

“I love Cumbria and I often wonder why it took me so long to move here.”

Charlotte Hattersley - Charlotte relocated in 2012 and is enjoying a fun and varied career in the county.

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Tammie hopes to inspire women to pursue a career in engineering

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- ““We’re keen to encourage more girls to get into engineering, and being a woman is no barrier to success. To my colleagues, I’m not ‘Tammie the girl’, I’m ‘Tammie the electrician’."”

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Facts About Cumbria

4500 Jobs
70 Industries
680 Employers
42 Locations

Business is booming: forge your career in Cumbria

“We have fantastic, forward-thinking employers and businesses in Cumbria."

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John Stevenson The Mp For Carlisle

Major event to give Borderlands growth deal a boost

Ministers from England and Scotland to attend first Borderlands conference

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